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5 Ways On-Demand Office Space Can Improve Employee Satisfaction

Today's guest post comes from Richard Heby, Marketing Manager at LiquidSpace, a provider of flexible office space.  Despite the news that some employers are scaling back their flexible work options, there are still lots of organizations who are supporting flexible work options in order to attract and retain talent. One type of support that companies can use to make work-from-home work is to ensure that meeting/office space is made available when needed.

Can on-demand office space really cultivate leadership, teamwork, and creativity in employees? By offering multiple, flexible workspace options, you enable employees to take charge of their objectives and spend more time on work and less time finding space to work. Here are 5 ways to use on-demand office space to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and performance.

  1. Leverage On-Demand Coworking
    When employees travel they need places to work, take calls, or answer emails. Coworking is one of the most affordable solutions, with plenty of options in most major US cities. Consider that 94% of American employees want to work remote more often or at the same rate than they are now.  It's not only that remote work is on the rise, but also that workplace mobility and flexibility is growing. That stems from a desire for remote work and for options. People want a mix of work types, locations, and services. Companies that adopt multiple workspace options could be leveraging workspace networks to fulfill their expanding needs.
  1. Book Space for an Offsite Meeting
    Offsites can offer the change of scene that your team needs to work together creatively. A change of scenery can inspire teams to think outside of their office box, and enhance focus by being away from the main office location.  An offsite is an opportunity not only to tackle goals and big picture thinking, but it's often also a time to focus in smaller teams.  Maybe you're a department head who wants to brainstorm around a company pivot, with just your team.  An off site allows employees to step away from the office into a new setting and frame of mind.
  1. Take Meetings on the Fly
    If you come upon an unexpected opportunity to meet with investors, discuss plans with strategic partners, or connect with media, it can sometimes be difficult to find an appropriate meeting space. Maybe you're thinking a popular coffee shop, restaurant, or at your desk in your open layout office. All of these options pose potential problems. On-demand conference rooms and boardrooms guarantee you always have the right space to meet. If you're stressing about having the appropriate place to make important connections, it's hard to focus on the business at hand. Fortunately there are plenty of on-demand boardroom and meeting room options available so you can make decisions anytime, wherever you are.
  1. Host a Quarterly Training Session
    Communication is key in any company. In large companies, particularly, getting everyone on the same page can be difficult. Training sessions can help communicate brand messaging, update employees on products and features, and create transparency across departments. When employees are more informed, they can be more productive.
  1. Enhance Teamwork with Events
    Most employees feel like their bosses don't show enough appreciation. Offering appreciation for your employees is often difficult in a typical work environment. Events can be useful in breaking down some of the typical professional barriers that limit teamwork and bonding. Whether you host team-building exercises, or casual company get togethers, there's no better way to boost the spirits of your team than by proving that the company is about more than just work. Get your employees hyped about the mission and let them learn, enjoy, and develop teamwork together. Whether you host a company conference or simply a holiday party, building team camaraderie relies heavily on the space you use. On-demand event space makes planning these milestone events simple

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