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2018 Predictions Tweet Chat

Today we hosted a tweet chat to discuss the implications of our 2018 predictions.  We were joined by a number of our board members, as well as guest tweeters with an interest in workplace issues.  Following are the questions we posed to our participants.  You can see the full transcript of our conversation below.

  • Q1: Global employee engagement metrics have remained stagnant for decades. Leaders wonder if they matter. How can HR show the important connection to business results? 
  • Q2: Making leadership more human will be a key trend in 2018. How can organizations best train their managers to forge trusting relationships with their employees?
  • Q3: Workers today expect more benefits than just compensation. What perks will be the most sought after in 2018 & why?
  • Q4: With the ability to work from home more often, how can leaders keep open communication and trust within the workplace?
  • Q5: Employees' appetite for easily accessible data outside and inside of the workplace continues to grow. How can leaders best leverage this on-demand mentality to help employees work more efficiently?
  • Q6: AI and machine learning are here. What are the biggest benefits you think organizations will gain from both applications?
  • Q7: As AI shows up in more HR tech, lightening the admin load, what are some of the more crucial strategic tasks that HR professionals should focus on? 
  • Q8: Lots of boomers are ready to retire. Many are unable due to financial insecurity. How can businesses assist them in planning for retirement?
  • Q9: Many would be retirees would welcome part time off ramps. How can orgs support that?
  • Q10: Uncertainty will remain high in 2018. How can businesses best prepare for the unknown?

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