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2010 IBM Global CHRO Study

There is lots of good information contained in the newly released 2010 IBM Global CHRO study, a survey of 700 Chief Human Resource Officers around the globe.  According to their collective self-assessments, the biggest gaps that need to be addressed by CHRO's are:

  • Cultivating creative leaders – who can more nimbly lead in complex, global environments
  • Mobilizing for greater speed and flexibility – producing significantly greater capability to adjust underlying costs and faster ways to allocate talent
  • Capitalizing on collective intelligence – through much more effective collaboration across increasingly global teams.

Although the greatest percentage growth in workforce development will remain in China and India, global organizations from those regions are also creating jobs in North America and Western Europe in order to expand their market reach.  According to these survey respondents, their organizations' top 3 priorities in the next 3 years include developing new products and services, expanding into new markets and increasing operational effectiveness.

Interestingly, increasing operational effectiveness, while remaining a top 3 priority, is identified as a top priority this year by 64% of respondents, but only by 44% of respondents as a top priority in 3 years.  I find this response interesting.  Do leaders in these organizations really feel their operating issues are increasingly resolved over the next 3 years or is it optimism about the likelihood of increasing investment in growth that diminishes its perceived priority in 3 years?

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