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Zombies or Engaged Employees? Your Choice.

zombiesSome of you may look at this and see "Halloween costume", but maybe others see another day at the office (store, plant, hospital, etc.).  Our new "Forgotten Workforce" survey asked hourly workers in the UK how they felt about their jobs.

The results indicate that 61% of workers either feel neutral or unhappy about going to work most days.  The key sources of their dissatisfaction?  Low pay (36%), little or no variety to the job role they perform (25%) and unpaid overtime (22%).

Only 25% of workers think their employer is very good at ensuring the right people are in the right place and the right time, and 48% of workers say their employer underestimates the number of people needed for a particular shift at least once a month, making things harder for those on duty.

What do these workers think their employers can do to improve these conditions?   Over 80% are happy to record when they start and finish shifts, but would also like to see their employers using technology to give them  more flexibility and control over their schedules.  Two-thirds of workers have difficulty requesting shifts and 65% have difficulty swapping shifts with colleagues.

Are your employees walking dead like our friends above, or are they dancing in the streets like Michael and his friends?


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