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Your Best Hires are a Tweet Away

As the economy recovers over the next year, organizations will need to focus more on strategies to retain valued employees.  Many published surveys during the past 18 months have revealed that employees have been protecting their job security at all costs - even if they weren't feeling particularly fulfilled or engaged at work.  As demand for talent begins to increase again, employee retention will begin to surface again as a key HR priority.

Companies need to fine tune both their retention and sourcing strategies if they wish to remain competitive.  Not only HR, but all organization leaders need to practice the basics of employee retention - pay attention, provide people with opportunities to expand their skills and say thank you for a job well done.

Smart recruiters need to be savvy users of social media, sourcing candidates from LinkedIn, Twitter and other public sources of passive candidate information.  Even if your recruiters aren't leveraging these tools to find great candidates for your organization, you can be sure that your best employees are starting to hear from those who are.  Here at Kronos, our recruiting team has had excellent success finding great candidates via social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Click below to listen to my interview with Ed Nathanson, a senior manager in our talent acquisition group.

nathanson podcast 7.2010

Are you using social media channels to find candidates - or to find a new job yourself?

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