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WorldBlu - Creating Freedom & Democracy in the Workplace

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Traci Fenton, Founder and CEO of WorldBlu.  She founded  WorldBlu in 1997 and has had clients in over 80 countries globally representing over $30 billion in annual revenue. Traci was recently recognized byInc. Magazine as a Top 50 Leadership Thinker, along with other world-class leaders such as Dan Pink, Brene Brown and Marshall Goldsmith.

Traci has a clear passion for her mission, and impressive case studies of how organizations like Davita and WD-40 have transformed their workplaces to engender employee engagement and better results.

Please listen in and  join the conversation by adding your comments to this post. Below the podcast player are the discussion questions we cover.

  1. Your mission is about promoting freedom and democracy in the workplace.  Can you expand on what that means and what it looks like in action?
  2. How do business results of organizations that pursue freedom and democracy in the workplace compare to those who don't make that a focus?
  3. Annually you publish a list of the Most Freedom-Centered Workplaces™.  Can you give us a few examples of organizations who've earned this distinction from WorldBlu and why they stood out for you?
  4. Do you have statistics you can share about how employee engagement and retention is impacted when organizations pursue workplace democracy and freedom?
  5. If leaders want to explore how to implement these kinds of practices in their own organizations, what can they do to get started?

 How much is freedom and democracy the norm in your workplace?

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