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Workplace Tug of War - Workers Want More Work

Our most recent workforce survey reveals that, not surprisingly, many people's work habits and attitudes have changed as a result of the turbulent economy.

Some of the key findings:

  • 45% of workers surveyed say that they are more willing to take any available shifts in order to protect their earnings.
  • 30% of respondents stated that they are more likely to go to work in this economy regardless of their physical or emotional state, scheduling conflicts, or the weather.
  • 49% of respondents have considered taking on a second job in recent months because of financial reasons while 27% said that they are actively applying for or have already secured a second job.
  • 19% of hourly workers say that because of the economy their managers are reducing the amount of overtime they can work.
  • 33 % of respondents say their companies have downsized during the past year because of the economy, and 28% of respondents say that their workload has increased, putting added pressure on employees who remain on the job.

I  interviewed author and former McDonald's executive  Paul Facella in this blog a while back.  In a recent article in the Boston Globe, when asked whether there's such a thing as a job that's "beneath" an unemployed worker in this market, he says bluntly: "I don't think there is. There's no question in my mind that tolerance for that kind of switching down is much greater than it was one or two years ago. Most employers looking at resumes a couple of years from now are going to be respectful that people needed to do it to survive."

That sentiment no doubt also applies to those we surveyed looking for supplemental employment.  How are the statistics above playing out for you and your friends and family?

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