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Access to Information Transforms Workers

This podcast is part of our continuing series of interviews with the authors of our most recently published book, Being Present:  A Practical Guide for Transforming the Employee Experience of Your Frontline Workforce.  Today we talk with John Frehse about his chapter on the benefits of worker access to information about their organization in order to fuel their innovation and productivity.

John is an author, speaker, thought leader and  Senior Managing Director at Ankura Consulting where he works with clients to deliver innovative solutions for labor and operations strategy.  John has a keen interest in the democratization of information as he believes that workers with more access to information will not only be more engaged with their work, but will be enabled to make more significant contributions in their workplace as well.

John's chapter in our book is entitled The Transformative Power of Access to Information.  In it, he makes the case that organizations that make more job relevant data available to their workers are the better for it.  This may seem obvious to some listeners, but many organizations still operate on a "need to know" basis, limiting employees' access to information to that which is strictly needed to perform their daily jobs.

You can listen in on our conversation using the player below. And we'd love to hear your comments on this post. How transparent is information sharing in your organization?

You can find more insights from John in this whitepaper entitled "Improving Workforce Performance Through Digital Transformation".

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