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Work that Excites and People who Inspire

Today's post is submitted by two-time Kronos intern Megan Grenier. Last summer she wrote about communication in a multi-generational workplace. Here she makes the case that a great internship consists of work that excites and people who inspire.

Ever since I was little people always asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I constantly struggled to answer that question. However, there are two things I always knew I wanted to be: successful and happy. I knew that success would be finding a good job in the career of my choosing. The new question I began to ask myself became, what in a job will make me happy?

As I've started to explore the professional world through various internship opportunities, I have learned so much: from hitting reply all on an email to learning how to adapt to different circumstances. Although my time in the workforce has been brief, I think I have discovered what makes a job fulfilling: striking the balance between work that excites you and people who inspire you.

Over my two summers at Kronos I have been given “real work.” My manager and coworkers did not send me to go on coffee runs or make me stand at the copier for hours. The work I had not only challenged me but was also impactful to the organization. The work I did was fulfilling, it pushed me to work harder, smarter, and better.

My projects were influential in creating a meaningful work experience, but ultimately, that's not what inspired me to drive an hour each way to work. What motivated me every morning was the people. My coworkers were some of the most intelligent, creative, and innovative thinkers I have ever met. They made me think outside of the box and motivated me to deliver my best work. Not only were they great colleagues, but they were good people. They cared if I had a bad day, encouraged - or should I say made me - go home when I was sick, and went out of their way to make sure I had the best experience during my internship. They became more than coworkers, they became friends; they were the reason I was so eager to come into work every morning, because they challenged me to be the best I could be - in every sense.

Not only did my team push me to success, but others in the organization went out of their way to create opportunities for me and other interns. One of the senior marketing directors decided to mentor us marketing interns; she imparted wonderful advice and facilitated incredible networking opportunities for us. I was even given the chance to meet with our company's CEO, CMO, and President not once, but twice. I had meetings with the CFO and Vice President of Talent Acquisition. All of these individuals could have easily denied the invitation to meet with interns, but they took time out of their busy schedules to impart their wisdom upon us. Their words, humility and generosity inspired me every day to work my hardest, so one day (hopefully) I can be as successful as them.

In the words of Aron Ain, our CEO, “great businesses are run by great people.” I have seen firsthand the truth behind these words. Meaningful work and exceptional people are what make a job worthwhile; if you can find that balance, you won't work a day in your life.

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