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What are Your Work Priorities on December 23rd?

dwight at ChristmasI don't know about you, but Christmas week is a tough time to get much done at work - at least to get much done that requires your coworkers.  For many years, I always took Christmas week off because my kids would be on vacation.  With my children grown, I don't need to take that time off for childcare.  In recent years, I'm more likely to save my vacation time for longer vacations, and work during the holiday week.  I've learned there are definite benefits to doing so.

Here my top 10 reasons you have to love Christmas week at the office:

10.You have time to sort through the mystery piles of paper and toss the stuff you're really never going to look at again.

9.  The email volume is small, and mostly consists of happy thoughts from coworkers and friends.

8.  The mail contains chocolate.

7. The mail also contains holiday cards and cute pictures of people's children.

6. Virtually no meetings.

5.You have your pick of parking spots.

4.There is time to have a leisurely lunch with a coworker.

3.Many coworkers on vacation (see #9, #6, and #5 above).

2.The quiet creates space to thoughtfully contemplate the year ahead.

1. NO TRAFFIC - my normally 75-90" commute took 48" this morning.

What do you like about working when most others aren't?


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