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When the Recession Shows Up at Your House

Yesterday, the recession showed up at our house in a big way.  My husband got laid off, another casualty amongst the 8.1% or 12.5 million unemployed workers in the US.  This hurts.  With two kids in college and the retirement savings significantly impacted in the last year, it takes your breath away if you think about it too much.

We're lucky.  We still have one full time income and health insurance.   We won't lose our house and we'll find a way to keep the kids in school.  We've weathered this kind of setback in the past and we know we can do it again.

My husband is smart, experienced, and has been a non-stop networker since decades before LinkedIn and facebook existed (and maybe even before their inventors were born).  If anyone can find a new job in a tough economy, he can.

We begin again.

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