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Wearable Technology Tweet Chat Highlights

women techWe had a very lively tweet chat today on the topic of wearable technology at work.  Per our recent global survey on this topic, adoption of this technology is still relatively low in the US, but larger and growing fast in other parts of the world.  Our survey respondents believe wearable tech may have benefits including better workplace safety and collaboration with coworkers.  They also have questions about how their employers are likely to deploy it.

Like our survey respondents, today's chat participants have questions and opinions about the role of wearable technology in the workplace.  You can view the entire tweet chat here or search on #WearablesAtWork.  We'd love to know what you think.  Tweet using #WearablesAtWork or comment below to share your thoughts.

Here are some of the most popular tweets today.

@johnhollon: Lots of people get focused on data from wearables but don't consider other data they easily give up ... #wearablesatwork

@RealBizCriz: The future is near... Digital natives may embrace it but trust, transparency and integrity will be key to mass adoption of #wearablesatwork

@sharlyn_lauby: What Google Glass Means for Workplace Policy … feat. @heatherbussing  #wearablesatwork:

@johnhollon: This is a topic that is getting an incredible amount of focus right now. #wearablesatwork

@sharlyn_lauby: A6: Is there an industry that wouldn't benefit? #wearablesatwork

@heatherbussing: In US, owner of device (not user) controls data, & others have access, including hardware maker, so Fitbit gets your data. #wearablesatwork

@StowBoyd: I wonder if people would worry less if their wearable data could be accessed by AI but not humans #wearablesatwork

@dcreelman: A1: The world is moving so fast that the whole concept of wearables may seem dated before we know it. #wearablesatwork



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