Watson AI and Kronos for the Frontline Worker

Today’s post is from Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute.

The conjecture continues to grow about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will affect workers and jobs – or not.   AI will create nirvana for workers.  Or AI will replace human workers with robots.  While neither of these extreme scenarios is likely to materialize, it is the case that AI applications are increasingly present in workers’ lives.   On the Kronos front, the newest of these solutions takes the form of a collaboration between IBM’s Watson AI and Kronos Workforce Dimensions.  The integrated solution can help hourly workers with functions including shift scheduling, personalized training recommendations, and career coaching powered by Watson AI – all accessible over mobile devices.

In order to learn more about how this all works, I invited two experts to join me for a podcast discussion to explain it all.  Aarti Borkar is Vice President of Product Management and Design for IBM Watson Talent.  My Kronos colleague Mike May is Senior Director of the Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner program at Kronos.

You can listen to our conversation to learn:

  • How can this integration make life easier for workers and their managers?
  • How does career coaching via mobile phone work for frontline workers?
  • How can this technology help  workers acquire new skills and connect with new job opportunities?
  • What are some other future possibilities for this technology?

2 thoughts on “Watson AI and Kronos for the Frontline Worker

  1. I appreciate IBM’s and Kronos’ efforts to advance the use of AI in HR functions. The talent acquisition (hiring) especially of fresh college grads is in its infancy, so it us critical to allow area managers to override and select candidates that are not as good at button pushing, but wild ducks of the future.

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