Using Social Collaboration to Engage and Empower Employees

WFC social collaborationAs social media has swept the world, so have social collaboration tools entered the workplace.  Tools like the Workforce Collaboration capability shown here allow employees to collaborate and share ideas in ways that can help break down organizational silos.

Today’s podcast is of my conversation with two fellow board members of The Workforce Institute: Mark Wales, who has over 30 years of experience in workforce management, and John Hollon, Vice President for Editorial at and ERE Media.   I asked Mark & John to share their thoughts on the increasing use of social collaboration tools in the workplace.  The podcast recording below covers the following topics:

  • What are effective forms of social collaboration that you’ve seen in the workplace?
  • What aspects of an organization’s business could benefit from using these social collaboration tools?
  • Since social collaboration is still a new trend that many organizations are trying out or simply considering, what are potential pitfalls you see when implementing a social process and new technology?



How are social collaboration tools being used in your workplace?


One thought on “Using Social Collaboration to Engage and Empower Employees

  1. I think social collaboration and flexible working hours in a company are the only way to the future – we just have to find the right tools for it. The crucial bit is managing everybody’s (every department’s) tasks and jobs in a clear, unambiguous system, so the project manager/business owner can see through things properly.

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