Tweeting about Sports Hooky

Our recent global survey revealed that many workers have skipped work to watch sports or recover from watching sports.  Here in Boston, I have many bedraggled co-workers today who stayed up until midnight last night to watch the Celtics beat the Heat.

On Monday, we hosted a tweet chat to discuss and debate the results of our survey.  Similar to the feedback we heard from our survey participants, offering flex time and paid time off are seen as effective strategies to mitigate the costs of unplanned absenteeism.  You can view the transcript (tweetscript?) of the chat below and see what HR experts Sue Meisinger, John Hollon, Mollie Lombardi, William Tincup and others have to say about sports hooky, and how to minimize its impact on your organization.

Sidelined by Sports Tweet Chat

2 thoughts on “Tweeting about Sports Hooky

  1. Alright I admit, I have skipped work or came in late do to a big sporting event once or twice. That being said and I can speak from experience, the younger generation skips work for big video game releases probably more than they do for sporting events. When the next Grand Theft Auto game or Call of Duty comes out, you can bet some gamers are going to take the day off to play. I would like to get your thoughts on this?

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