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Tweet Chat on Workplace Trends for 2017 - January 10th

KronosTwitterChatThe advisory board here at The Workforce Institute recently unveiled their top 5 workplace trends for 2017.

But the board has more to say. In addition to their top five predictions, they have a few more we haven't released yet. We all plan to talk about them - along with some additional industry influencers - on Twitter next week.

Please join us on Tuesday, January 10th at 12 PM ET to chat about all things 2017, and how we think this year will affect the workplace. You can simply join the chat by following @KronosInc (our host) on Twitter, and the hashtag #KronosChat. To prepare you for the chat, all of the questions we plan to ask are below:

Q1: Employee experience = big focus in 2017. Which benefits & perks will matter most to employees?

Q2: With tech becoming widely used in the workplace, how can people managers strengthen personal relationships with their employees?

Q3: Today's talent expects instant feedback vs one annual assessment. What are managers doing to address this preference?

Q4: Big data has left many orgs drowning in metrics. How can businesses effectively use analytics - w/o getting overwhelmed?

Q5: Employees have more job choices in 2017 due to a recovering economy. How can leaders effectively retain their top performers?

Q6: 2017 = the year of the middle manager. How can orgs develop their people managers; many of whom are managing for 1st time?

Q7: Legislative & economic uncertainty currently reigns supreme. How can HR remain agile & compliant in such a time of unrest?

Q8: Any predictions you'd add to our 2017 list?

We hope to see you there!

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