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Trust is the Oxygen for Organizations

Steve Miggo, SVP Operations and Human Resources at Safelite AutoGlass

The title of this post is a quote from my recent conversation with Steve Miggo, SVP of Operations and Human Resources at Safelite AutoGlass.  I heard Safelite CEO Tom Feeney speak at the Net Promoter Conference in San Francisco, and was very impressed with the investment he's made in the development of their frontline workforce, an investment he credits with a significant improvement in their financial results.  I asked him if he'd be willing to share their story with the Workforce Institute, and he connected me with Steve.

Steve reiterated one of Tom's key themes - that "our service is our brand and our company".  Safelite walks that talk by ensuring that those in their frontline workforce have the training, skills, & support they need to deliver a great customer experience.  They recognize and reward the delivery of superior customer service - including that delivered by employees who are not customer facing, but whose efforts support those who are.

Steve's quote that leads this post was his response to my question about what is the most important thing a company can do to ensure they have successful frontline employees.  His answer was trust, specifically that leaders need to not only communicate the company values clearly, but demonstrate those values consistently.  He went on to say that leaders need to have the courage to call out managers who make their financial plans but don't exemplify Safelite's corporate values if frontline workers are going to take the values seriously.

Steve shared a number of the training and development techniques that Safelite employs during our conversation.  You can listen in here to learn more about the secrets to their success: Discussion with Steve Miggo of Safelite AutoGlass.

I'm pleased to add that Safelite is a Kronos customer whose feedback to us via our customer surveys indicates that we're providing them with the experience they expect from us.

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