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The Week That Was - 11/2/12

The obvious story of the week is Hurricane Sandy.  Current reports put the US storm-related deaths at 98 - and climbing as recovery efforts continue.  This is in addition to the damage this storm caused in the Caribbean before it got to us.

Businesses closings like the one pictured here hurt not only the business, but also the many employees who don't have a work-from-home option. Because I live in a seacoast town just outside of Boston, lots of people have been expressing concern about how we fared.  We were very lucky in our town - very high winds and tides, but the impact of the storm was mild.  Lots of people, however, are hurting.  If you're looking for tangible ways to help, check out the Red Cross for ideas.

Helpful advice for organizations regarding planning for and recovering from disasters:

And although we've seen reports of appalling failures of human kindness, I like to think that there are more examples like the one pictured here - of people looking for ways to help.

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