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The Week That Was - 10/26/12

This week's cartoon is hitting home for me.  It's performance review time at Kronos and we're using two new tools to pull it off.  I don't keep track of employee feedback on my hand currently, but am still a bit daunted by applying new tools to an already significant project.  I try my best to coach and comment throughout the year, and I keep track of items I want to include in these reviews.  There's no doubt about it, though, I will always dislike applying a number to someone's performance, especially if it has to comply to the bell curve.

If you are involved in workforce planning, or even just an interested bystander, our board member Sue Meisinger has sent along the current draft of a standard, written by a taskforce of HR professionals and experts, that will help employers determine future hiring needs. The standard includes guidelines for workforce planning governance, process, metrics, and data that HR professionals can use to help run their organizations effectively.  Visit here to view and comment on the workforce planning draft standard.

Our board member David Creelman shared this  McKinsey video on using big data to drive decisions.

Great Kronos customer case study in the news - Cavender's Boot City.

From the world outside of Kronos...

Interesting SuccessFactors survey on social media, talent acquisition challenges, and intergenerational differences in the workplace (we boomers are the least demanding, FYI..make love not war!)

The UK is looking to improve employee engagement proactively.

Watch your Tweets - they could get you fired!

Want to be the boss? Don't smile The theory is that by witholding approval you project authority.  I don't buy it. ;-}

Looking For Future-Proof Employees via @hrbartender

For Older Workers, Here Is Where the Jobs Will Be via @WSJ

#Halloween Can Be a Career Builder via @WSJ

Bosses Boost Productivity, But In Surprising Ways via @WSJ

#Social Resources: It's all about the People via @RobinSchooling

Leadership Loop: 1 in 4 Workers Will be Over the Age of 55 by 2018 via @blogging4jobs

Kronos Tweets of interest this week:

Social Support and Mister Splashy Pants via @SmarterCafe (You have to read something with "Mister Splashy Pants" in the title, don't you?)

#Kronos Announces #KronosWorks12, the World's Largest Workforce Management Event Ever:

[CASE STUDY] Valley Power Systems Extends #Kronos #Cloud-Hosted, #Mobile Solution to Manage Field #Workforce

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