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The Week That Was - 10/19/12

This was a big week at Kronos.  We celebrated our 35th year in operation at our headquarters in Chelmsford.  You can read our press release about the festivities or check out what the  local paper, the Lowell Sun, had to say.

The Presidential debate was in the news this week.  Mitt Romney generated a new meme "Binders Full of Women". Our board member, Ruth Bramson, was quoted this week in an Associated Press story on this topic: "The way it worked was not quite the way it was described last night," said Ruth Bramson, who was hired as Romney's chief human resource officer after her resume was spotted in a binder. "He was half-right.  Governor Romney was a tremendous proponent of bringing women into the state. There's no doubt about it," Bramson said. "But the impetus for this was not Governor Romney, but this other organization, MassGAP." Ruth was CHRO during Governor Romney's administration.

That we're still discussing the need for focus on women's unique issues in the workplace is a constant reminder that there's still work to be done.  Some companies, like PWC, are taking creative approaches to addressing those needs.  Check out this post on their  Mentor Moms program.

Other items of interest this week:

Good article on the Workday IPO - and why enterprise business software remains complex to sell, even in the Cloud.

The holidays are coming and the associated seasonal hiring is beginning!

Temporary staffing demand is expected to hit historical highs in 2013.

Lots on employee engagement this week.  Maybe the rising Dow is causing more restlessness than usual?

And from my fellow Kronites:

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No Hot Dogging. There is more to business than just showing up. via @TheCurveInsider

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