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The Forecast is Cloudy - and That's Good

Kronos customers like Coca-Cola bottling company are putting their trust in us to manage their Kronos environment for them in the cloud.  As has always been the case with technology solutions, organizations need to be clear on their own objectives and priorities before moving to cloud solutions, but increasingly that's what they're deciding to do.  Most organizations' IT staff are operating under a crushing burden of bread and butter maintenance work, and welcome the opportunity to exchange these  prosaic duties for more exciting projects.

Cloud,  SaaS, PaaS, IaaS - these are all newfangled terms for work I was doing in 1983 for Control Data Business Information Services.  I was a Systems Engineer, responsible for developing business applications for insurance companies and banks that we hosted on our network of mainframe computers in Ohio.  Customers accessed their systems through super-cool-futuristic acoustic modems like the one pictured here that delivered data at a whopping 300 KPS (kilobytes per second) .  In fact, we actually used this Anderson Jacobsen model.  The "portable" computer and modem I carried to customer sites to do demos weighed about 50 pounds.

A lot has changed for me and my Cloud in twenty years.  Then, I was stomping around in skirted suits, closed-toe pumps with 3-inch heels (no "toe cleavage" allowed per the employee manual) and sporting shoulder pads like those pictured below on Princess Diana.  Those shoulder pads that look so ridiculous now made our hips look smaller and gave us the confidence to believe that we really had "come a long way baby".  Now, the shoulder pads have given way to pants, flats, and mobile devices that weigh a fraction of my old Anderson Jacobsen modem and give us secure access to everything from books to banking in the cloud.

I don't miss those slow dumb dinosaurs we used to access the network, but you know those shoulder pads weren't all bad.

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