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The Always-On Con: The Live Debate

I'm very excited to announce a first of its kind live event we'll be sponsoring in London on October 10th.  This event launches a series of conversations about a phenomenon we're calling "The Always-On Con". The proliferation of connected devices and apps that increasingly rule our lives is often hailed as being a step forward for society as a whole, but the more we examine the topic, the more we're starting to see that not everyone entirely agrees.

The Always-On Con is the topic that will be driving a series of debates we'll host that will take a closer look at what an always-on society means - weighing the positive and negative consequences of being constantly connected and the effect it's having on the workforce at large. This involves questioning whether we are happier and more productive with 24/7 connectivity, if answering work emails at home is upsetting family relationships and whether the threat that our jobs are being taken by robots is real or not.

We believe the event signals the start of a timely and vital investigation into the ways that technology intersects with our working and personal lives, and we welcome you to join us on our journey. The first debate will take place on the evening of October 10th - new insights will be revealed and a host of experts will be lending their expertise to the discussion.

Our host of experts - Who's who?

Alongside other industry experts joining the debate as it unfolds, we would like to introduce three significant voices that will be kicking-off the discussion in October. Each speaker will deliver a ten-minute talk before engaging in an open debate with the other panellists and event participants:

Professor Julia Hobsbawm OBE:

Julia is a writer, speaker, and broadcaster specialising in social health and modern connectedness. In 2005 she founded the successful 'knowledge networking' business and has written & presented two series for BBC Radio 4.

Anastasia Dedyukhina:

Anastasia is a coach, start-up mentor, and founder of Consciously Digital™. She has run the gamut between working with large corporations and small start-ups to promote the benefits of technology.

Anastasia recently published _Homo Distractus' ­- a book exploring how we've allowed tech to take over our lives, and how we can claim our time back.

Bruce Daisley:

Bruce is the EMEA Twitter Supremo and presenter of the Eat Sleep Work Repeat podcast - a lively weekly podcast about happiness and work culture, which you can listen to here.

What's happening at this event?

We'll be hosting an experimental investigation into The Always-On Con using both conversation and physical exploration to unveil truths on the subject. Hosted at the London Flux Lounge - a space known for creating inspiring experiences - guests will be invited to get hands-on with the latest emerging technologies, witnessing first-hand how technology can encourage positive behavioural change and “integrated wellness” techniques to reduce stress.

Such technologies include a trip to the Oxygen Bar, a meditation session in a wellness Kokon pod and visualising stress through biofeedback captured on fingertips. Guests will also be asked to spend some time thinking about how technology has impacted on their lives personally, all while sipping their very own bespoke scientific cocktails. 

How to get involved

There are a few tickets left for the live debate so if you fancy joining us on October 10th, there's still time. Register for you ticket here, using the code 10101701.

In addition to joining us at the debates, we would love for you to share your thoughts with us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter as we continue to ask questions and share insights that emerge throughout the debates.

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