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Team Building - Yea or Nay?

Today's topic is team building.  I received a guest post from Isabelle Riley, a writer in Australia.  Her guest post is about things employers can do to boost employee morale, including the use of team building events like those provided by her organization, Out of the Square. I've hosted and participated in a number of team building events over the years, as many of you have, no doubt.  I'm curious, what do you think about company hosted team building events?

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Guest Post from Isabelle Riley:

There are many things you can do to increase morale in the office. The first step is to realize that it begins with the employer. To recognize the value of your employees is key. Many business have the attitude that employees are a 'dime a dozen'. If one leaves, another can be found to take their place without much trouble on their part. While this may be true to some extent, the cost of advertising, interviewing and training the new employee can be prohibitive. It is important to let your employees know that they are appreciated by simply stating a few words of thanks or admiration for a good job. Let your employees take ownership over their own work, they should be able to define their own work so they feel a sense of achievement. Career training can be a motivator. The more you support your employees, the more likely it is they will remain loyal and work hard to increase the value of your business. Involve them in large projects that help them increase their skills. Provide honest and constructive feedback on their work, and remember to always be encouraging.

Consider providing your employees with perks such as casual friday, free lunches, cash bonuses or even gift certificates to award great work. You could even sponsor social events for your employees such as a bbq or office picnic. In addition to this style of socializing, you could also consider some team building exercises that encourage employees to work together and support each other. There a variety of business that provide team building events for your workplace, such as Out Of The Square.

The work environment can greatly affect the morale of your employees, avoid a productivity drain. Make your office look like a place where people want to be, add colour and plants or nice artwork. In the case of a factory environment, make sure that the break room is a relaxing and inviting space for employees to rest.

Most importantly, encourage communication between employees, emphasize the importance of an open dialogue. Don't be afraid to remove your business from the dreary cubicle-style office of the past. Move forward and make your workplace an enjoyable place to be, a place that reflects values that the employees can agree with.

What's the best team building event you've attended?

Share your insights!

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