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Talking Cloud and Marissa Mayer on DriveThru HR

I was pleased to join Bryan Wempen and William Tincup again Friday on DriveThru HR.  It's always fun to shoot the breeze with them, and hopefully their followers enjoyed our chat. You can listen to the broadcast here.

We were talking about the politics, moving to the cloud and the fallout over Marissa Mayer's decision to order Yahoo telecommuters back to the office.   Our poll shows 67% of respondents don't think she made the right decision.  The media coverage varies from “How dare she!” to  “she made the right decision for her company"; i.e. did the job she was hired for. I think she could have taken a more nuanced approach - determined where individual initiatives called for more presence and implemented changes accordingly. As Maureen Dowd wrote last week,  "Mayer has a nursery next to the executive suite. But not everyone has it so sweet".

You can see some representative media coverage below.  Read on...

The latest from Kara Swisher who broke the story:

Yahoo came out and basically admitted to what everyone suspected: this was not an indictment of working from home, but an acknowledgement that it isn't working for Yahoo right now:

One perspective on how working from home is not the answer for moms:

Strong defense of working from home:

Lisa Belkin weighs in:

It's such interesting timing with Sheryl Sandberg's new book coming out…there is something here about how harshly women leaders are judged, I think, by men, but also by other women. When Jack Welch publishes a book, people don't question about what he is doing for the cause of men everywhere…it feels like for women like MM and SS it really is a no-win situation in some ways….

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