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It Takes a Village - The Leader's Self Review

Today was the deadline to complete our self reviews - one of the initial steps of our annual performance management process.  As a leader, I always ask my team members to do their own self reviews before I do mine - so that I can verify our collective accomplishments for the year.  Which, of course, means that most of what I accomplished as a leader is due to the hard work and continuous excellent results produced by my team.  In this recent post on Forbes, Meghan Biro writes about what it takes to be a good leader.  She cites a few different criteria, but one that stood out for me was to "focus on people, not numbers".

We're very metrics driven at Kronos, including our annual employee engagement survey.  I'm proud to say that my team rated among the highest in the company - and in a company where engagement scores are already well beyond the best practice threshold.  As I rate my own performance and that of my team members, I'm still going to inspect what I expect because measurable results matter.  Our team had a great year this year and I'd like to think my leadership had something to do with that.  But I don't take those results for granted, so I'll  continue to work to earn the trust and loyalty of this great group of people every day.

Have a great weekend, everybody.  You've earned it!

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