The following post is courtesy of our board member Alexandra Levit. She recently attended KronosWorks, Kronos' annual customer event. There she sat in on a number of customer presentations about workforce management lessons learned during their deployments of Kronos technology. We know that technology implementations rise and fall on the quality of the change management practices they employ (or not). In the following post, Alexandra summarizes what she learned from two different organization case studies about what it takes to succeed.

At KronosWorks in Las Vegas, I learned about how two organizations, a popular Australian retailer and a top American children's hospital, realized the full benefits of workforce automation with Kronos.

The 34-year-old clothing retailer offers surf, skate, and street Australian-influenced fashion across 60 store locations. The hospital is a 400 bed-licensed pediatric medical center employing approximately 10,000 individuals. Both are using Kronos' Workforce Dimensions solution to manage their frontline workforces. Here's what each team had to say about their recent implementations.

Popular Australian Retailer

Top Children's Hospital

Both the Australian retailer and the children's hospital are solid examples of organizations that are still learning from their initiatives to embrace the future of work. Their work illustrates well that when it comes to workforce automation, taking thoughtful, strategic action can make all the difference in staying competitive.

If you've participated in the deployment of enterprise software, what tips would you give a newbie?

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