Game, Set, Match: Google

Today's post comes to us courtesy of board member John Frehse, senior managing director at Ankura Consulting Group. Does your company provide employees with access to information in a useful format? You may think the answer to this question is “yes”, but, at the risk of sounding harsh, I’m guessing it’s actually “no”. Here’s why: … Continue reading Game, Set, Match: Google

Are Your Managers Effective?

One of our Board members, Kronos Chief People Officer David Almeda, has just published an article on the Great Place to Work website titled “5 Tips to Improve Manager Effectiveness at Your Company”. The piece looks at Dave and his team’s commitment at Kronos to the mantra that every employee deserves a great manager. Saying … Continue reading Are Your Managers Effective?

Who's the Boss of Workplace Culture? Tweet Chat Highlights

We had a very engaging tweet chat today regarding workplace culture and who defines it, based off our recent survey data. We had quite a few thought leaders weigh in on why HR, managers, and employees have very different opinions about workplace culture; who drives it and why; what's important to creating a great one; and … Continue reading Who's the Boss of Workplace Culture? Tweet Chat Highlights

The Week That Was – 10/12/12

Of the interesting articles we've come across this week, this one really made me stop and think.  In his blog post from Harvard Business Review titled  Do Your Employees Make You a Better Manager?,  Michael Schrage asks Which employee had the biggest positive impact on who you are today? Schrage is making the point that … Continue reading The Week That Was – 10/12/12