The Availability Trap

In the hospitality sector, many of us have fallen into what I think of as “the availability trap”: running our consumer-facing businesses on the whim of a 17-year-old who wants to work, but also attend band practice three afternoons a week.

The Monday-through-Friday Scheduling Dilemma

Today's post comes to us from board member John Frehse, Senior Managing Director at Ankura Consulting. When my colleagues and I ask executive management teams about their labor strategies, they often tell us how it is supposed to be rather than how it actually is. In many cases we hear about 3-shift operations working Monday-through-Friday with weekends off. As … Continue reading The Monday-through-Friday Scheduling Dilemma

Zombies or Engaged Employees? Your Choice.

Some of you may look at this and see "Halloween costume", but maybe others see another day at the office (store, plant, hospital, etc.).  Our new "Forgotten Workforce" survey asked hourly workers in the UK how they felt about their jobs. The results indicate that 61% of workers either feel neutral or unhappy about going to … Continue reading Zombies or Engaged Employees? Your Choice.