I'm happy to announce the availability of the new Workforce Institute ebook.  In it, we've collected our board members' points-of-view on the concept of Workforce Innovation That Works™; their thoughts on the most noteworthy human capital management trends; and the best career advice they have ever received.  This book complements our two previously published hardcover books, Elements of Successful Organizations and Creating the Workforce - and Results - You Seek.

In addition, the ebook also contains videos about trends in human capital management; a variety of blog posts by board members; podcasts on a variety of workforce management topics; and Time Well Spent™ cartoons, which illustrate the humorous aspects of workforce management.

The Workforce Institute's board members are:

The ebook is  full of useful information for managers at every level. Our diverse board of experts has weighed in on innovative workplace practices they have observed in a variety of fields as well as the best career advice they have received. We hope readers will come away more knowledgeable and armed with ideas for how they might introduce new forms of innovation to their own organizations.

What would you like to share?  What workforce innovation has impressed you?  Or do you have career advice of your own to share?

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