I recently had the opportunity to talk about the importance of labor cost management in manufacturing with David Caruso, the founder and Principal of David Caruso & Associates, Inc.  David's consulting firm specializes in manufacturing, supply chain, and technology strategy.  We talked about how manufacturing organizations are increasingly focusing on labor cost management in the current challenging economy.

In our conversation, David provides a number of examples of how manufacturers have used labor analytics tools to analyze and improve both worker productivity and product quality.  In one firm he assisted, they found that quality eroded over the course of the day due to worker fatigue.  They inserted more breaks into their process and achieved significant improvements in productivity and quality.   Click here to listen to a podcast of our conversation and hear more tips from David Caruso.

You can find additional information on this topic in this new Kronos whitepaper as well as in this article from IndustryWeek by my colleague Gregg Gordon on effective ways to manage a global workforce.

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