In the finale episode of "1 in One Hundred Million," see how Paul found his rhythm as a cymbal maker to the stars:


Like many musicians, Paul was waiting for his big break. When it didn't come quick enough, his parents urged him to get a day job - so he headed to Zildjian Cymbals to put his passion to work. His first day on the job wasn't exactly a dream come true, though - “the first day,” he recalls, “I literally swept the factory floor.”

Fast forward 28 years to today, and Paul knows cymbal-making inside out. He creates cymbals that bring the world's top drummers' distinctive sounds to life - in fact, he's something of a cymbal-maker to the stars: Journey's Steve Smith, Aerosmith's Joey Kramer, Santana's Dennis Chambers, and hundreds more top artists swear by his cymbals.

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As Director of New Product Innovation at Xenith, Kyle is clear-eyed about the real-life implications of his work: “There's really high stakes in everything we do,” he says.


Day-to-day, Kyle could be working in 3D CAD on his computer, hand-building prototypes, or checking helmets in the test lab. And all the while, Kyle is tapping into his own experiences on the field and his own run-ins with head trauma that left him determined to innovate a safer way for athletes to enjoy the sports they love so much.

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employeeburnoutWe had a very engaging tweet chat today regarding employee burnout and fatigue in the workplace. A number of thought leaders weighed in on how burnout affects employees and their employers; best practices on how to help prevent employee burnout/fatigue; how technology plays a role; and more.

You can view the entire tweet chat below (as well as here), or search via #KronosChat on Twitter. We'd love to know what you think about this topic - tweet us using #KronosChat, or comment below to share your thoughts.

If ever there were a perfect union of education and passion, Briana Francisco nailed it when she put her science degrees to work in the craft beer industry:


As a fan of complex brews, Briana found her post-college calling when she landed a job at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. In fact, Briana was so sure of her path, she packed up her life in Minnesota and headed to Deschutes sight-unseen – and she doesn't regret it for a second. The “fun science” of beer keeps Briana engaged, challenged, and committed to creating consistently delicious beers.

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See how Troy Mitchum taps into his diverse job history to lead a team of 400 security professionals who keep about 25,000 guests a day safe at one of Las Vegas' hottest resorts - all in the latest episode of 1 in One Hundred Million:


Working your way up, climbing the career ladder…whatever you want to call it, it's a trajectory Troy knows well. In 1985, he arrived at the Wynn, Las Vegas as a mail room clerk. Stints as a pool-cleaner, towel-folder, bellman, and more followed. And today, as Vice President of Security, Troy wouldn't change a thing about his jack-of-all-trades career path - “It's very important to where I am today,” he says.

See how Dana Sue Kimbal and her team move 70,000 tons of ore every day in pursuit of silver in the latest episode of 1 in One Hundred Million:


Chances are, there's some silver within reach of you right now. It's ubiquitous - in our jewelry, coins, and solar panels. But as a miner and environmental manager, Dana Sue knows not to take it for granted. She knows exactly how hard-won a single ounce of silver is. And that's why she's so passionate about the teaching aspect of her job – educating the next generation of miners is as important to her as each day's dig.

In this 1 in One Hundred Million episode, Tracer Finn creates a visual experience at Le Rêve - The Dream at Wynn Las Vegas:


Shadow, color, texture, and pattern: As the Assistant Head of Lighting, Tracer Finn takes audiences on a visual journey…a dream of sorts…at Le Rêve – The Dream at Wynn Las Vegas. It's a journey so expertly illuminated, audiences don't even realize they're being transported by the effects of hundreds of perfectly placed lights. Behind the scenes – and sometimes, underwater – Tracer creates a rich and complex visual experience for one of the greatest shows on earth.

Part sales, part psychology - go behind the fine jewelry counter in this episode of 1 in One Hundred Million:


They say diamonds are forever, and Jennifer Miller agrees - but with a caveat. For this fine jewelry sales specialist, special moments and emotions are just as enduring as diamonds. See how Jennifer connects with customers about much more than cut, clarity, and color in this 1 in One Hundred Million episode.

Cooking saved Mike Perez's life. See how in this 1 in One Hundred Million video:


Mike is in the business of making parties perfect. Whether he's cooking for a party of 30 or 1,000, he pours his heart and soul into every meal he creates. Slicing, dicing, mixing, and plating, Mike is at home in the kitchen. There was a time, though, when Mike's professional track wasn't so clear. In fact, he attributes his success to his boss at Hearty Boys Catering. “He took a chance on me when nobody would, when I didn't think I had a chance.” Today, in the kitchen, Mike has purpose - passion - and he's proud to say he's found his place.

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