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Spring, Asthma, And the Affordable Care Act

I'm writing this while sitting in a parking lot waiting for a doctor appointment. Spring has finally sprung here with its fecund riot of color and accompanying plague of pollen. I love the former. The latter never bothered me until a few years ago when I suddenly became allergic to something that appears in the spring. This new allergy led quickly to asthma, another new development in my fifties. Armed with easy access to doctors, Flonase, Advair, Albuterol and the occasional visit to Prednisone land that turns me into a steroid induced superhero, my asthma is under control.

But what if I didn't have this medical access? What if I had to procure medical services and medicines by paying 100% out of pocket? What if I wasn't able to pay those bills? Asthma debilitates millions and kills thousands of people in the US every year - many of those deaths preventable according to experts. And asthma is only one of many chronic diseases that families have to cope with.

Which brings us to the Affordable Care Act. Lots of controversy has swirled around the 974 page act. Its driving objective is to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable health insurance and thereby to affordable healthcare. Everybody needs to comply with its provisions- individuals and employers - and therein lies much of the controversy.

If you'd like to join the conversation and tell us how you feel about the ACA, you can join Sharlyn Lauby (The HR Bartender) and me for a tweet chat on #KronosChat on 5/16 at 12pm. We'd love to hear how your organization is preparing for the full implementation of the Act in January 2014.

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