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We were sold a dream - 60-second Rundown

On October 10th in London, we invited thought leaders and HR practitioners to come together to discuss the first release of our Always-On Con research. Here's what happened...

The Always-On Con debate 60-second Rundown

The live debate promised to delve into The Always-On Con in great detail, uncovering the true impact of an _always-on' society on our happiness and productivity - two things assured to us by tech entrepreneurs when the smart phone was introduced many years ago.

What came to light was not entirely unexpected: we're working longer hours, we've created the lunch al desko and our attention span is comparable to that of a goldfish (maybe). A need for coping mechanisms was also covered, with a host of experts putting forward their own insights and communication models in a bid to steer the audience - and those following the event on Twitter - to a happier future.

The point of the debate wasn't to draw any definitive conclusion, and as such, none were drawn on the night. However, it was agreed by the panel that the current productivity paradox and negative social trends provoked by our offline well-being are basis enough for reassessment of the current status quo.

We'd also like to add that the cocktails and Flux Lounge were as spectacular as hoped.


When we said 60-seconds, we tried to stay as close to this as possible. If you did fancy a more in-depth summary, we've prepared a longer read for you.

The debate continues on Twitter: @WFI_Europe

Our panellists are on Twitter too:


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