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Snowpocalypse Nemo and the Quest for Brigham's Vanilla

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am taking this blizzard seriously.  The picture on the right was taken in my hometown of Rockport, Massachusetts in the aftermath of the blizzard of '78.  A lot of people lost homes or had significant property damage. My two siblings and I were all home from college for winter break and trapped with our parents and one of my Dad's customers for five days.  My Dad was kind enough to take the guy in because he waited too long to leave work and the roads were impassable by the time he did.  Day one of being snowbound feels like an adventure.  Day five becomes a gulag - especially if everybody has to be on their best behavior to preserve that important customer relationship.

As we've written about before, extreme weather wreaks havoc on businesses as well as households.  I  live in a coastal town, in fact a town surrounded on all sides by water, connected to the mainland by a causeway.  This blizzard is not only expected to dump more than 2 feet of snow on us, but will also persist through two high tide cycles.  High winds and heavy precipitation at high tide are a combination that can have lethal impact for a town like ours.  I met with our Fire Chief this morning and talked to him about what his team was doing to prepare.  He's got to balance budget and public safety concerns - not an easy equation to balance in what's expected to be a storm of the century.

Assuming the power stays on, I'll blog video updates over the progression of the storm.  You'll find part 1  here , which will explain the Brigham's vanilla title above.  If you live in this storm area, I hope you're home and dry.  Governor Patrick has already ordered everybody off the roads by 4 PM.   Stay safe everybody!

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