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Sharlyn Lauby on Managing Performance

This podcast is a conversation between Joyce Maroney, former Executive Director of the Workforce Institute and board member Sharlyn Lauby and part of the series of podcasts we're hosting on key ideas from our most recently published book, Being Present:  A Practical Guide for Transforming the Employee Experience of Your Frontline Workforce. Here, Sharlyn shares her advice for managing performance.

Sharlyn Lauby is a well known author, speaker and human resources expert. She has published multiple books on HR topics including onboarding and recruiting and is the President of ITM Group Inc., a training and human resources consulting firm helping companies manage their talent. Sharlyn is the brains behind the well-known HR Bartender blog which has been recognized by SHRM as one of the top 5 blogs read by HR professionals.

Sharlyn's chapter in our book is titled Performance Management: the Art of Giving Managers and Employees the Tools to be Successful. In it she discusses how performance management influences business outcomes and - even more importantly - what leaders can and should do to get performance management right in their own organizations.

Listen in on the conversation below to hear more.

Conversation with Sharlyn Lauby about performance management.

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