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Secrets from the Best Hourly Employers

2013 best hourly employers








What does it take to be an employer of choice for hourly workers?  The graphic above summarizes some of the common best practices that Working Mother identified among the winners of their Best Companies for Hourly Workers award in 2013.  Today I had a podcast conversation with our board members Sue Meisinger, former CEO of SHRM and John-Anthony Meza, Chief Administrative Officer at the Community Health Accreditation Program about these and other investments that the best hourly employers make in their employees.

You can listen to their answers to the following questions by playing the podcast below:

    • Working Mother described the best places for hourly workers as companies that “go the extra mile to make sure their employees have stability, predictability and benefits, so they can succeed at their jobs without disrupting their family lives.” How does an employer provide stability and predictability?
    • What are the major roadblocks to providing stability and predictability for hourly workers?
    • How are best employers investing in training their employees?

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