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Road Wage - Calling in Sick (of Commuting)

Today's cartoon highlights a finding from our latest survey regarding American workers who commute - 4% of whom indicate they've called in sick in order to avoid the rigors of their commute.  For many more survey respondents (48%), their commute has a significant impact on their job satisfaction.

So what are employers supposed to do about this?  For one thing, 27% of our respondents indicated they could do their jobs from home but their employer doesn't support this option.  Rising gas prices are likely to further exacerbate employee frustration with not only the time spent, but the expense of lengthy driving commutes (and 83% of these respondents commute by car - alone).

For employees whose jobs do require presence, employers can work with employees to schedule work in a way that avoids peak commuting times.

The strangest things folks have seen on their driving commutes?  Women putting on makeup; men shaving; people reading; undressing or driving nude; lots of animals in and outside of cars; romance (framed in terms suitable for a family blog).

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