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Reflections on the future of workplace technology

Today's post about the future workplace technology is submitted by Workforce Institute Executive Director Joyce Maroney.

Today was a watershed day here at Kronos.  We released a brand new platform we're calling Workforce Dimensions.  Major product releases are always a big deal for software providers like us.  This one represents four years and $150 million of investment, shaped by tons of customer input.  Based on the reaction of our customers and partners here at our annual conference, we've got a winner on our hands.  Check out #KronosWorks on twitter to see the real time audience reaction.

If you'd like to hear more from customers and partners who've helped us shape this product and the future workplace technology, check out the podcast I recorded earlier today with Chris Mullen, Director of HR at University of Colorado Boulder; Jamie Erbes, Technical Director of the CTO Office at Google Cloud; and Mark Beattie, Head of Central Services at LondonEnergy.

We talked not only about their reactions to our new platform, but also their broader perspectives on the future of work and workplace technology.  You can listen in on our conversation below. (Please note the podcast begins about 5 seconds into this recording.)

What do you think is the future of workplace technology and what are the most important trends?

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