Perspective and Randy Pausch

I read about Randy Pausch in Jason Corsello’s Human Capitalist blog yesterday. Randy is a professor at Carnegie Mellon who learned recently that his pancreatic cancer can’t be treated, and that he’s only got a few more months to live. His last lecture at Carnegie Mellon was recorded and has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

You can see it on YouTube.

Randy’s comments about living your childhood dreams, and his wishes for his children, are very moving and thought provoking. He has clearly been leading a purposeful and balanced life before he learned that his life was likely to be cut short. His work has been deeply meaningful in his life as it has connected him to his dreams – specifically becoming an “Imagineer”.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to hear Randy’s message. Most of us rush through our workdays trying to stem the tide of to do’s. If this message doesn’t get you thinking about what you are working for, I’d be very surprised.

2 thoughts on “Perspective and Randy Pausch

  1. I listened to Randy on Channel 8 last night, this man is leaving
    his wife and children with a great legacy. It is too bad he will
    not get to see his children reach adult hood but I do not think
    they will ever forget the love their father is leaving behind. God
    Bless all of you.

  2. I’ve listened to Randy’s lecture 3 times now. And each time I take away something more special and more significant. How I wish the world could listen to him speak. What a source of strength and knowledge. He is my hero.. May God bless his beautiful family and may he find peace in knowing that although he won’t be around to see his sons become men. To be reasured that their father has and continues to touch the heart and minds of others, and that alone will always leave a legacy in the lifetimes to come.

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