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Peace on Earth and Good Will to Workers

We hosted an interesting tweet chat this week with an illustrious group of HR experts  regarding their reflections on 2011 and predictions for 2012.  We talked about a variety of issues that have been hot topics in 2011 and that will undoubtedly continue to be important in 2012:  employee engagement, closing the skills gap between what organizations need and available skills in the market, how to manage mobile technology, continuing uncertainty about economic recovery and the rising cost of healthcare.

What strikes me in this season of good will and warm wishes is that the dividing line between good will (employee engagement) and conflict (compliance issues) is the trust between workers and their employers.  My prediction?  The employers who win in 2012 will be those who not only set clear objectives and expectations for their workers, but also invest in them.  This means training opportunities, enabling technologies and creating cultures where all ideas are welcome.  That's what  leads to  innovation and growth.

Read on for what our experts had to say about the year ahead: the story "2011 Trends and 2012 Predictions" on Storify]

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