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Our New Look

If you regularly follow the Workforce Institute (WFI), you'll notice that we launched a new look this week.  Since I began the WFI in October of 2007, a lot has happened.  My employer, and WFI sponsor, Kronos has more than doubled in size to a 1.3 billion dollar company.  We have a lot more employees (5200) in a lot more places around the world. The software industry has raced to the cloud, and Kronos has raced with it.

I've experienced a lot of changes personally.  My then school aged children are now independent adults.  My parents have died, and for better or worse I am the matriarch now.  We made it through that catastrophic recession and still managed to put those two kids through college and pay off our mortgage.  My husband of 32 years is still my best friend.

Life is good for Kronos and for me personally.  And yet, we still need to evolve and keep up with the rapidly changing world of work around us.  Mobile. Social. Internet of Things. Wearables. Flexibility - in where, when, and how long we work.  Is the gig economy here to stay or the temporary state of Millennials who'd rather not follow their parents into a 9 to 5 lockdown?

These discussions will continue for as long as we work.  And I'm pleased to say that the Workforce Institute is still here after 10 years and going strong.  Thanks to Kronos for giving me this opportunity to write about topics I love and talk to so many interesting people.

Here's to the next 10 years!

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