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Online Community - Engagement at Scale

This blog post is submitted by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute at Kronos.  

Your employees and customers are talking about you online whether or not you build an online community platform for them.  Many organizations, though, are actively hosting communities that enable communication between their employees, and between their employees and customers or partners.  Doing so requires a level of transparency and authentic communication that may feel foreign or risky for some organizations.

I recently recorded a podcast with Leo Daley, Director of the Kronos Community, and his colleague Melissa Spinella, Community Manager.  The Kronos Community was built on the platform. Launched in 2016, it now has almost 50,000 members worldwide. Leo and Melissa have learned a lot about how to launch and manage an online community over the last three years. You can listen to our conversation below to learn about::

  • How they measure the success of the community
  • How they engage internal and external stakeholders to participate in meaningful ways
  • What's the role of a community manager and how does s/he help keep the community active and valuable?
  • How to develop trust with community members
  • Pros and cons of transparency in the community

Click on the player below to listen in on our conversation.

You can also explore the Kronos Community by clicking here. Because this community is very "open", you can browse much of its content without logging in. Feel free to explore.

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