Old Home Week at HR Tech

Today I visited the HR Technology Conference and Exposition at the Navy Pier in Chicago. I spent a few hours traversing the exhibit hall and catc

hing up with old friends. I had conversations with about a dozen former colleagues and contacts who have moved on to new ventures in the human capital management space.

Deb McGrath (HR.com) introduced me to a new virtual conferencing tool that HR.Com will be using to host a few of their upcoming conferences. Check out InExpo. I hadn’t seen this tool before, but it appears to be a more user and business friendly alternative to Second Life. I’m looking forward to attending one of Deb’s upcoming online conferences to check out the user experience.

I had lunch with Mike Hennessey, founder of SmashFly Technologies – an innovative approach to marketing jobs to your candidates via traditional job boards as well as the social network. Mike and I worked together at Brassring. He’s a brilliant and innovative engineer, and I bet we’ll hear a lot more about SmashFly in the months to come.

There was lots of audience traffic around Workday, Dave Duffield’s software as a service alternative to the ERP’s. The application demo’d nicely, and is a contender in the HR shootout that will be conducted during the conference tomorrow.

Whether you had the chance to attend HR Tech or not, I’d love to hear from you about new applications in the HCM space that are impressing you.

3 thoughts on “Old Home Week at HR Tech

  1. Joyce,

    Congrats on the blog! It is looking good, sounds great, and I think your subject matter will be of interest to many. I will pass it around HR at D&Z because we eat, drink, and breathe many of the concerns you have about engaging the hourly workforce. We employ thousands of uniformed guards as well as both union and non-union skilled trades and crafts people like electricians, pipe-fitters, welders, etc. With the current and looming shortages of people with these skills, we’re actively interested in engaging those employees we work with now, as well as finding and developing the people will be our employees in the years to come.

    I’ve put your RSS feed into my reader so I can stay current with you and the discussion. Best of luck!


  2. Hi Joyce,

    Nice job on the blog and congrats! You’re off and running.

    I’ve subscribed to your feed and look forward to following this topic as it directly impacts my work in the applicant tracking space and also my burgeoning consulting business.



  3. What’s of particular interest to me is the organization modeling capabilities of Workday. Duffield has corrected a major flaw in PeopleSoft by allowing one to easily manage collaborative groups, project teams and matrix structures. I think you’ll be seeing more of this in the future.

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