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Ode to the 3-Day Weekend

Lincoln runningThis is it - the last 3-day weekend for most of us until Memorial Day.  Here in Massachusetts, some people have Patriots Day to look forward to (3rd Monday in April), but most of us who work in the private sector will be slogging it out until that last weekend in May.

This respite in February seems like a precious gift, even with the polar vortex lurking  and more snow looming.  What to do with that extra day to make the most of it?   This has long been a weekend that car dealers offer special sales, a tradition that is thought to have started in Boston.   One of our local fitness equipment seller's offers just arrived in my inbox with this startling image of Abe Lincoln as a weekend warrior.

I'm sure a lot of us will do what we normally do on the weekends - cleaning, shopping, cooking, doing stuff with the kids, checking in on elderly parents, dinner with friends, check out a movie, etc.   But what are you going to do to make that extra day count?  It's a long time until Memorial Day.

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