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Jeff Bezos - Customer First by Any Means Necessary?

jeff bezosI think I might need to read Brad Stone's new book, The Everything Store, Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.  I've had a longstanding love affair with Amazon since they went live in 1995.  That year, the then CTO at Lotus/IBM announced at our annual sales meeting that he'd seen the future of retail commerce and it was Amazon.  At that time, most of the people in that audience thought he was nuts.  Who'd deliver their credit card information into the Wild West that was the internet at that time?  As it turns out, millions of people around the world were willing to make that leap in order to get their hands on the books they wanted faster.

I placed my first Amazon (and probably my first online) order in 1996 - for 3 of A Book of Colors : Matching Colors, Combining Colors, Color Designing, Color Decorating.  In the 17 years since, I've placed another 552 orders with Amazon.  I'm sure there have been glitches along the way, but none that are big enough for me to remember.  Like many other shoppers around the world, I check Amazon for reviews and pricing before I make a purchase.  And more often than not, I make that purchase on Amazon.  The only retail outlets I've visited more than Amazon in the last 18 years are grocery stores.

According to their website, their mission is “to be Earth's most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices”.  This governing principle has led them to dominate increasingly more retail sectors, everything from shoes to drugstore items and appliances.  The excerpt of the book I read in Businessweek today indicates that Jeff Bezos is the omnipresent force behind this philosophy.  This isn't touchy feely, it's about growth and profits.  In fact, it sounds like Amazon is an extremely pressurized work environment where only the strong survive - and only if they can demonstrate that their work translates into a better customer experience.

We're publishing new research next week that indicates 75% of people would rather work for a successful driver (like Bezos) vs. a nice but ineffective manager. What about you?

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