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It is National Blog Posting Month - who knew?  I learned this from my friend at Drawing In.  She's a phenomenally gifted blogger who writes with great wit and insight about working life from the view of the trenches.  The point of NaBloPoMo is to challenge yourself to blog every day.  I'm not sure I can keep that commitment, but I have been letting too much time lapse between posts.

I'm in the midst of a complex software implementation project that reminds me how important it is to guide customers to the right decisions during implementation if you want them to get the best possible outcomes for their business from your software.  When you're on the vendor side of this equation, it can be easy to forget that the customer doesn't implement your software for a living.  When you're on the customer side, you pray that the vendor is exercising their experience and not allowing you to make mistakes you'll regret later in the interest of mollifying you in the present.

What vendors have you worked with who've done an exceptional job guiding you through the software implementation process?

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