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How Much Social Media is Too Much in the Workplace?

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This has been a busy week for those of us at Kronos as we hosted our 16th annual KronosWorks conference in Orlando.  As always, it's a great opportunity for Kronos customers to jam in a lot of learning in a few days and expand their networks with new friends.  I'm pictured here with a couple of my new social media buddies, Victorio Milian (@victorio_m) of Creative Chaos HR and Curtis Midkiff (@shrmsmg) of SHRM.  Curtis hosted a well attended session at KronosWorks to discuss the role of social media in HR.

Like most of our high tech compatriots, Kronos believes that social media is transforming the way we interact with each other - including in the workplace.  To that end, we are incorporating social collaboration capabilities into our Workforce Central product suite beginning in December.  Social media-savvy customers who've seen previews of these capabilities are excited about the opportunities they provide to enhance employee engagement and productivity.

Robin Schooling of HR Schoolhouse took a look at our new capabilities and writes here about why she's excited about the increasing role social can play in HR.  She also reflected on the concerns she (and we) hear from HR professionals who are reluctant to embrace social media in the workplace:

  • I'm worried that employees will post negative thing
  • Using social media/channels/technologies is a time waster
  • I don't get it, so therefore…
  • We don't need it

Like Robin, I believe that the debate about whether social media should be allowed in the workplace is over - it's here to stay.  The question for HR professionals is how to embrace and manage social media to take full advantage of it's ability to connect employees with each other and with customers.  Take the following survey and let us know what you think about social media in the workplace (you can pick up to 4 options):

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