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More Snow, Really?

It is going to snow this weekend - again - for the third weekend in a row.  Not fluffy delightful snow, but wet heavy snow that hurts your back to shovel and takes down tree limbs and power lines to boot.  Also the snow that keeps you from getting your errands done around town - because you need to bail out your own driveway, the roads are slippery, and you'd just as soon collapse on the couch and watch reruns of Game of Thrones anyway.

And as you GoT fans know, "Winter is coming".  For those of us in the Northeast, we can't wait for it to be going...Municipal budgets are drained trying to keep up with snow removal.  While the plowers and sanders are fully occupied, other businesses lose money staying open for customers who can't get to them, no matter how stir crazy they're going at home.  Per our cartoon above, employers struggle to fill shifts vacated by folks who can't get to work.

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