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Month in Review: October 2021 at The Workforce Institute at UKG

Today’s post comes to us from the Executive Director of The Workforce Institute, Dr. Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR.It’s been another busy month here at The Workforce Institute. As we close out October, I wanted to provide you all with a recap of the great insights we published this month from our valued board of advisors. Here’s a look back at the topics we’ve discussed, in case you missed anything or want to revisit the conversation.

New Study Takes Closer Look at Gen Z in Manufacturing

We kicked off October with a look at new research from UKG on Gen Z workers in the manufacturing sector.According to “The 2021 Future Manufacturing Workforce Study,” 92% of Gen Z talent employed within manufacturing are satisfied with their current careers, despite three in four manufacturers reporting difficulties in attracting and retaining Gen Z workers, especially in the era of COVID-19.

The study also found that attracting Gen Z talent is either a high or very high priority for 88% of manufacturers surveyed. So, the natural question becomes what can manufacturers do to recruit and keep Gen Z employees happy, cared for, and productive in the workplace?

Check out the blog post for key findings from the study, as well as the full research report.

What It Takes to Build a High-Performance Hybrid Workplace

In this post, Dan Schawbel, a Workforce Institute board member, bestselling author, and managing partner at Workplace Intelligence, chats with Robert Glazer, founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners and a #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of four books, including his latest, How To Thrive In The Virtual Workplace.

The way we work and where we work are shifting, due in a large part to the pandemic. What can organizations do to ensure employees enjoy a consistent experience, whether they work in the field, in an office, or from a remote location? Dan and Robert talk about what the future holds for the hybrid work model, how to address fairness issues in the hybrid workplace, and what companies and employees can do to drive a high-performance hybrid work culture.

The People Purpose Podcast: HR Tech Recap and Chat

Chas and Julie recap their experience at the 2021 HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas, as part of the People Purpose Podcast series. They both presented at the conference, so you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look, and more insider details about this popular annual conference. If you’ve never attended HR Tech, missed out this year, or even if you were in Vegas alongside Chas and Julie, this episode features a great review of the event. Check it out today!

There’s No Place Like Stores for the Holidays

Hard to believe the holidays are right around the corner, and that means another busy shopping season. Though a lot of us may not have started picking up those must-have gifts, retailers have been strategizing for months. This post sheds light on new research detailing the challenges retailers face this year, as hiring setbacks and supply chain issues from the pandemic continue to impact the industry.

As a friendly reminder while you’re reading the post and the complete study, remember to be extra kind to retail associates this holiday season — and to everyone you interact with, for that matter. It’s been a trying time for all of us, and no matter what’s on your shopping list this year, kindness is always free and repeatedly makes for a great gift!

How Meaningful ESG Drives Performance: Part One

In a special bonus Friday post, we saw the third episode from the great “No Suits, No Slides” video series, and part one of a two-part discussion. This episode began a critical conversation about the importance of companies enacting meaningful ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs — not just for the betterment of their communities, but also their people.

With millions of workers leaving their current jobs (or the workforce altogether) in this age of “The Great Resignation,” ESG and CSR programs are quickly becoming difference makers in the ongoing war for talent. Far beyond the business case, though, it’s about doing the right thing for society and people.

During this insightful chat, you’ll hear from Workforce Institute advisory board member John Frehse, senior managing director at Ankura; Dave Gilbertson, a vice president at UKG; Tom Crawford, chief development officer at Ankura; and Shawn Miles, senior managing director of social impact and community engagement at Ankura.

HR Executive Webinar: Beyond the Great Resignation: An Action Plan for Hiring and Retention

Last week, I had the privilege of joining Workforce Institute advisory board members Sarah Morgan, chief excellence officer at BuzzARooney, LLC, and John Frehse, senior managing director at Ankura, for a Human Resource Executive webinar titled “Beyond the Great Resignation: An Action Plan for Hiring and Retention.”

From an employee’s viewpoint, joining The Great Resignation opens up a world of possibilities, from greater flexibility to better benefits. But if you’re an employer, you might be scrambling right now for ways to ensure your best and brightest people decide to keep growing their careers with you. Maybe you’re focused on attracting new talent who’ve decided to jump. If so, this webinar is for you.

If you missed this conversation the first time around, don’t worry — you can still catch it on demand. Listen to the webinar here.

How Meaningful ESG Drives Performance: Part Two

The Leadership in the Labor Shortage video series (also known as “No Suits, No Slides”) continues with part two of a conversation on the importance of companies establishing meaningful ESG and CSR programs. In this video, we once again have the opportunity to listen in on a candid discussion among Workforce Institute advisory board member John Frehse, senior managing director at Ankura; Dave Gilbertson, a vice president at UKG; Tom Crawford, chief development officer at Ankura; and Shawn Miles, senior managing director of social impact and community engagement at Ankura.

The first part of this discussion provides an introduction to the topic (the what). Now, we hear how organizations can implement — and work to sustain — quality ESG and CSR programs that will help their communities and engage their people. This is another must-watch video from this great new series.

The People Purpose Podcast: Quit Guessing: Forge the Career Path

Wrapping up October 2021 at The Workforce Institute is Episode 11 of the People Purpose Podcast, titled “Quit Guessing: Forge the Career Path.” Hiring is hard right now, but employers don’t need to look too far to fill existing roles. In this episode, Chas and Julie chat career pathing and the steps organizations need to take to build a successful internal pipeline of talent to fill current and future roles. Listen as they give practical steps and help you think outside the box about your succession strategies.

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