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Month in Review: August 2022 at The Workforce Institute

Today’s post comes to us from Executive Director of The Workforce Institute, Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR.

Hard to believe summer is almost over and we’re quickly heading into fall (you’ve probably already seen or sipped a pumpkin spice latte at your favorite coffee chain). As usual, it’s been a fully packed month at The Workforce Institute. If you missed any of our blog posts or podcasts this past month, look no farther than our recap of August 2022 to help you catch up.

The People Purpose Podcast: Accounting for Accountability in the Workplace

The month opened with another insightful episode of the People Purpose Podcast, hosted by Chas Fields and Julie Develin, with this one about accountability at work. How is accountability viewed within your organization or your team, how do you define trust, and where does feedback fit in with accountability and trust? Listen in as Chas and Julie discuss the nuances of accountability in the workplace.

What Is Universal Basic Income?

In the first of two articles on a thought-provoking topic, Laurie Ruettimann discussed the idea of implementing a universal basic income (UBI). To start, Laurie breaks down the basics of UBI — what it is, how the idea came about, and how close are we to implementing such an idea (Alaska already has a similar program in place). This is a great primer on UBI and a recommended read for everyone.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Universal Basic Income?

Laurie wrapped up her in-depth look at (UBI) with a discussion on the potential pros of implementing this system. Who would it benefit and how? Laurie also takes a look at the ongoing debate and longtime question: is UBI a form of socialism? Plus, you’ll read Laurie’s thoughts on how UBI can be tied back to HR goals.

Are Corporate Survey Results Driving Cultural Complacency?

Next up, advisory board member John Frehse posed a thought-provoking question about corporate surveys: are they driving complacency when it comes to improving companies’ cultures? As John discusses, while most companies conduct surveys to zero in on the employee experience and how it can be enhanced, others seem to focus too much on associated awards. But, as John warns, “you cannot just stop at the survey. To be a truly great workplace, it will take commitment … from the entire organization.”

The People Purpose Podcast: Burning Questions: A Years-Long Discussion Continues

In this episode of the People Purpose Podcast, Chas and Julie discuss their experiences with COVID-19 and how it has impacted their work. They also try to answer some questions surrounding the hard-to-navigate topic. And, you’ll find out how often employees are forced to miss work due to quarantining or taking care of a family member.

Analytics Is About Analysis, Not Insight

Do you rely on people analytics in your everyday work, or any type of analytics in your day-to-day life? If so, you’ll want to read the latest take from David Creelman exploring how to best analyze analytics. As the article title suggests, it’s not about insight. According to David, “a big part of analysis involves patience. The goal can’t be to get to a solution as quickly as possible because you’ll probably come up with a solution to the wrong problem. It takes patience to ask over and over again, who cares about this, why is this important to them, and is this even the most important issue we should focus on?”

Exploring the Talent Shortage Problem in Latin America

In this article, our resident expert on all things HR in Latin America, Ivonne Vargas, provides an overview of the labor market — more specifically, the shortage of talent — in the region. As usual, Ivonne does a superb job analyzing what’s going on, which industries are feeling the greatest impact, which trends are driving the talent shortage, and more. By the way, if you want to know the latest on what’s happening with talent in the United States, be sure to check out our popular Leadership in the Labor Shortage series, co-hosted by John Frehse and Dave Gilbertson, vice president at UKG. Dave also hosts a monthly live market briefing with updates on the economy and workforce activity.

Checking in on Our 2022 Workplace Predictions: The Workforce Institute Weigh-In

For this month’s Workforce Institute Weigh-In, we looked inward and revisited our 2022 Workplace Predictions. Now that we’re past the halfway point of the year, which predictions have we been right about? Have priorities shifted to alter the direction of our original forecasts? I loved weighing in on this topic myself, as forming our annual predictions is a passion project I look forward to every year, collaborating alongside our talented board of advisors. A little behind-the-scenes fact for our readers: we take these predictions very seriously, and we’re already well at work on the 2023 forecasts. Can’t wait to share them all with you soon!

The People Purpose Podcast: Could’ve Been an Email: Making Meetings Make Sense

We ended our month with a podcast — but should it have been an email? That’s the topic for this episode of the People Purpose Podcast with Chas and Julie. While meetings will always exist, how do you identify meetings that need to happen and ones that don’t? Chas and Julie discuss the ins and outs of meetings, what aspects they do and don’t like about them, and what makes a “good” meeting. Give it a listen before you schedule your next meeting!

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